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Help us send our Eastern Quolls Home!

Help us send our Eastern Quolls Home!

Help us raise $100,000


Our Mission:

Release –

This year, we’ll be releasing 15 of our endangered Eastern Quolls onto the South Coast of NSW, as part of a national effort to re-establish this species on mainland Australia.

Raise –

We need to raise $100,000 to help Aussie Ark cover the costs involved in preparing our Eastern Quolls for their release. Your donation will go towards health & vet checks, food, transport, and the continuation of our breeding and rewilding program.

Rewild –

Our Eastern Quolls will be initially released into a feral-proof, 80-hectare enclosure to bolster their numbers, prior to beyond-the-fence reintroductions.

We hope this release is the first of many!

Thank you for helping Aussie Ark

in our mission to


Every dollar counts

Every donation over $100 will enter into a draw to win a 2-night stay at Quoll’s Cottage, accommodating four people. This is valued at $950! A winner will be announced by the 30th of April.


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Raise Awareness –

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