Why Aussie Ark ?

Our planet is changing, …. rapidly, and human population growth sees no sign of abating.  Habitat loss, pollution, climate change, invasive species and overconsumption is having a major impact on biodiversity loss at a fast, rapid pace.

Ark Species

Australia is one of the world’s ‘mega-diverse’ countries, with many of our species endemic, that is, unique to this continent. Between 7 – 10% of all species of Earth occur in Australia, but our fauna and flora is disappearing in front of our eyes. Species such as the Eastern Quoll, Southern Bettong, Long-nosed Potoroo, Parma Wallaby and Bandicoots, once used to once roam the Barrington Tops but do not currently exist there anymore.

Meet the Team

The Aussie Ark team brings together business excellence and proven conservation success to facilitate cost effective, outcome based conservation solutions.  Find out more about our team.


“Australia has the largest mammal extinction rate in the world and at this continuing rate, one day, there will be nothing left”

It’s time to Think Big and be Ambitious!

Aussie Ark is the life raft of threatened, endangered native species to create an insurance population. We need to be future oriented and reintroduce extirpated species and top order predators such as the Tasmanian devil in semi-wild environments, with the ultimate goal of releasing them back into the wild, to bring the bush back in balance!