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Adopt an Aussie Ark animal to protect them into the future for only $25 a month or $300 a year!

Right now, our animals are disappearing due to disease, predation and habitat loss. Australia is losing species faster than every other nation on earth.

  • Over 90% over Tasmanian devils are gone due to disease, with no sign of slowing down;
  • Eastern quolls are already extinct from the Australian mainland due to feral predation;
  • Cats kill an estimated 20 BILLION native animals every year in Australia;
  • Australia has lost over 30 mammal species since European settlement, with another 20 expected to go extinct in the near future.

With your help today, Aussie Ark can secure a safe future for our wildlife!

Choose any of the below species to become an adopter today!

Aussie Ark Adoption packs also make wonderful gifts! A cuddly plush toy, Aussie Ark sticker, Newsletter, Information sheet on your chosen species and photo! Each adoption will assist Aussie Ark to secure a long-term future for Australia’s threatened wildlife.