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Aussie Ark is very fortunate to have the support of committed individuals and organisations as partners. Running a conservation project like Aussie Ark is an expensive venture but saving Australia’s most threatened species is priceless. We rely on the ongoing support from our conservation partners to make the Ark happen and without their support, it would not be possible. All funds contributed by project Partners on Aussie Ark initiatives are spent directly on conservation. Likewise, any educational or research grants given by external parties must be exempt from administrative charges and overheads and are spent directly on saving the threatened species that live at Aussie Ark.

Partners & Affiliates

Reptile Park

Australian Reptile Park

The Australian Reptile Park was established in 1958 by the late, Eric Worrell. It is the only zoo in Australia committed to saving lives with its anti-venom-milking program in place for the past 50+ years, saving over 300 lives each year as the sole supplier of anti-venom in Australia. The Australian Reptile Park is the driving force behind Aussie Ark and has donated funding, resources and time to ensure the success of the project. More about the Australian Reptile Park


Saving wildlife species from extinction is the driving force behind Re:wild, working with partners such as Aussie Ark, to ensure species are around for generations to come. Re:wild has built its success upon a foundation of excellence in Exploration, Research and Conservation. Re:wild’s three key goals are; Save Species, Protect Wildlands and Build Capacity. More about Re:wild


WildArk’s mission is to promote and support activities that educate, enable, provide resources or inspire humanity to sustainably conserve, protect or restore the environment and the world’s ecosystems, natural resources, wildlife and wild places. More about WildArk

Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered Species (FAME)

FAME has been a key supporter since the very beginning of Aussie Ark. They were so convinced by the original Devil Ark concept, that they made their largest ever contribution to a conservation project to ensure that it could be established. FAME is a tax-deductible gift recipient organisation and an Aussie Ark partner, reliant upon donations from individuals to help curb the extinction of Australia’s most endangered species. More about FAME


Ellerston Pty Ltd

Aussie Ark is built on land, owned by the Packer family for the term of the project. This has provided Aussie Ark with the much-needed support to develop our captive breeding program towards an insurance population, with enough space for future expansion.

Aust Geographic

Australian Geographic

Australian Geographic magazine, originally titled Dick Smith’s Australian Geographic was created by Dick Smith in 1986.  Australian Geographic is a media business that produces the Australian Geographic magazine, DMag magazine, specialist book titles, travel guides, diaries and calendars and online media.  The magazine focuses mainly on stories about Australia, or about Australian people in other countries.  Australian Geographic have been a supporter of the Ark for many years and will continue to work closely with Aussie Ark in the coming years of the project. More about Australian Geographic


WIRES, Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation, has been rescuing and caring for native animals 365 days a year for almost 35 years. WIRES’ mission is to actively rehabilitate and preserve Australian wildlife and inspire others to do the same. Annually, WIRES provide rescue advice and assistance for tens of thousands of sick, injured, orphaned and displaced animals and run around 100 wildlife training courses for thousands of participants. Aussie Ark is proud to have WIRES as a partner and is committed to achieving great things for wildlife conservation alongside this partner. More about WIRES



Glencore have operated in Australia for over 20 years and hold significant interests in a range of commodity industries across all mainland states and the Northern Territory. The company is headquartered in Sydney and is a major Australian employer, with over 15,000 employees working across various industries.  Our partnership came about with Glencore looking for a local community environmental project with tangible outcomes that would make a real difference for Australian wildlife, and Aussie Ark fit the bill. Aussie Ark is also in the same region as one of Glencore’s operating centres (the Upper Hunter) and the company is always on the lookout for local charities to support. More about Glencore.


Symbio Wildlife Park

Symbio Wildlife Park is a family owned and operated zoo which is located on the Southern outskirts of Sydney in the suburb of Helensburgh. Symbio started in 1975 as a small wildlife park and has now grown to become a multi-award winning and internationally publicised zoo.  Recently partnering with Aussie Ark, Symbio Wildlife Park plays a large part in raising brand awareness for our conservation breeding facility. More about Symbio Wildlife Park

Zurich Zoo

Zurich Zoo

Zoo Zurich is a nature conservation centre. They work on behalf of threatened animal species by participating in international breeding programmes (EEP, ESB). They are also involved in six special focus regions outside Switzerland to protect endangered ecosystems and their biodiversity. They choose and implement nature conservation projects according to the principles of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums WAZA. Every year Zoo Zürich makes a substantial financial contribution to the conservation of the Tasmanian devil and all Aussie Ark species and have generously committed to the project for a further 9 years becoming a valued project partner. More about Zurich Zoo

Zoo Leipzig 

Zoo Leipzig stands for a unique concept that includes animal welfare and husbandry, species conservation, education and exciting explorer tours. They demonstrate their commitment to conservation by partaking in almost 60 breeding programs all over the world. More about Leipzig Zoo

Pairi Daiza 

Since its inception, Pairi Daiza has been actively involved in the preservation of countless endangered species, including birds, mammals, fish and reptiles. Their objective is to promote the conservation of endangered species globally. More about Pairi Daiza

Sydney Helicopters

Sydney Helicopters

Founded in 1985, Sydney Helicopters are the longest running commercial helicopter operator in Sydney. Unlike their competitors they own their entire fleet of aircraft totalling 6; they do not operate privately owned third party aircraft. Operating for over 30 years Sydney Helicopters are Sydney’s premier helicopter service provider, they operate a wide range of aircraft types all housed on site at Parramatta Heliport.  Aussie Ark has been working closely with Sydney Helicopters for some time now and will continue this relationship into the future. More about Sydney Helicopters

Sporting Shooters Assoc Aust

Sporting Shooters Association Australia (SSAA)

Sporting Shooters Association Australia (SSAA) is the peak shooting sports body within the state of NSW, supporting all forms of legal and ethical hunting, and in partnership with the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service, assist in the facilitation and promotion of pest animal management on private public lands by volunteer hunters. SSAA is committed to supporting Aussie Ark as a current innovative project, with sponsorship that contributes to on the ground pest management as well as assisting with funding Aussie Ark husbandry activities. More about SSAA


The Sutherland District Trade Union Club (Tradies) became a registered club in 1960 and quickly grew into a neighbourhood centre where the community could gather, relax and enjoy themselves. From its humble origins, Tradies has continued to grow and develop to meet the needs of the community. Tradies are committed to bringing people together, enriching peoples’ lives and supporting organisations that help their community to grow and develop. Aussie Ark is proud to work with Tradies to ensure a future for native Australian wildlife. To learn more about tradies click here.

Volkswagen Australia

Volkswagen Group Australia (VGA) is the nation’s biggest and most successful importer of European cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles. Headquartered in Sydney with a major new facility in Melbourne, this national sales company consists of Volkswagen passenger vehicles, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and SKODA. This year VGA welcomes the prestige brand Audi to the company. Next year VGA will introduce the CUPRA range to Australia. VGA has been led by managing director Michael Bartsch since 2015. It employs some 300 people directly. Thousands more are employed by more than180 Volkswagen, Audi and SKODA dealers nationwide. To learn more about Volkswagen Australia click here.

Supporters of Aussie Ark

Upper Hunter Fire Protection

Phone: 02 6541 0911


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Soap with Hope

Phone: 0432 663 658


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Lions Club Australia

Phone: 2 4940 8033


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The Happy Wombat

Phone: 02 4031 8332


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Bev Barendse – The Agency

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Justin Lill Wines

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Say When Café

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Jo Lyons Photography

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Glen Rocky Foundation

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Aussie Reptile Cartel

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