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Tissues that make a difference

Aussie Ark and Coles have partnered to help endangered Aussie wildlife, with 5c from every box of Coles So Soft & Strong Facial Tissues in Eucalyptus and Aloe Vera (coming soon) being donated directly to Aussie Ark. By choosing these tissues you are helping to save our endangered wildlife! Thank you for supporting Aussie Ark!

Tissues available nationally in store and online 

Tissues available nationally in store and online 

What impact will my donation have?

5c of every tissue box purchased goes towards helping Aussie Ark protect endangered species, like the Koala. These tissues are available for purchase in stores nationally and online. Your purchase will go towards helping Aussie Ark protect endangered species such as the Brush-tailed Rock-Wallaby, as well as protecting, preserving and augmenting native habitat critical for native species such as the Koala. Aussie Ark is dedicated to protecting and rebuilding Australia’s unique and vulnerable wildlife, ensuring our unique species are not forgotten.

Find out more about Coles’ sustainability commitment here!

Find out more about the amazing work we are doing at Aussie Ark here!

How else can I support Aussie Ark?

Your support allows Aussie Ark to provide hope to Australia’s threatened wildlife and together we are making a difference! You can continue to support Aussie Ark and our wild mission to rewild Australia by adopting one of our unique Aussie animals or by donating today.

Protecting Endangered Wildlife with Coles and Aussie Ark