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Wallaby Population Hopping Along

In early 2019, Aussie Ark welcomed its founding two Brush-tailed rock-wallabies to their state of the art, purpose-built facilities. The animals have settled in well to their new home in the Barrington Tops and were recently joined by a third female Brush-tailed rock-wallaby.

Inhabiting rocky escarpments, outcrops and cliffs, the Brush-tail rock-wallaby can be found from South-Eastern Queensland, right down to Western Victoria. With less than 20,000 Brush-tailed rock-wallaby left in the wild, insurance populations and fenced sanctuaries are vital to the survival of this species. Continued threats from foxes, wild dogs and habitat degradation continue to dwindle wild population numbers.

This further addition will only help further the establishment of a robust insurance population, securing the future of the species. Aussie Ark aims to successfully breed the species further establishing their numbers.

You can learn more about Brush-tail rock wallabies here or help us help them by donating to Aussie Ark.