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The state of the environment report 2021 – a review completed by scientists last year but held back by the Morrison government until after the federal election – was released in July 19th 2022 and handed Australian wildlife a devastating blow. The report revealed the stark realities of Australia’s deteriorating environment and highlighted the need for major change and action to save what remains.

The shocking report showed that Australia has lost more mammal species than any other continent and has one of the highest rates of species decline in the developed world. More than 100 Australian species have been listed as either extinct or extinct in the wild. The major causes of extinction were introduced species as well as habitat destruction and clearing. While introduced plants were also shown to be causing mass habitat degradation and choking out native species. The state of affairs in Australia should be considered a national emergency. 

Moreover, the report highlighted that while government threatened species strategies had somewhat improved the trajectories of 21 priority species, but many others did not show improvements. Simply, more needs to be done and quickly to save Australia’s unique environment. This clearly demonstrates the need for public private partnerships between government agencies and private conservation organisations, including Aussie Ark. 

Deputy Managing Director Liz Gabriel says “Aussie Ark has operated for 11 years to protect threatened Australian species. We have developed a unique model of conservation that includes the establishment of insurance populations of disappearing species” 

Ms Gabriel continues “The animals we have Aussie Ark are genetically managed and bred for return to protected wild spaces. Our conservation model is what is needed to ensure the long-term survival and recovery of Australian wildlife. More Government support following the release of this report could really change the trajectory of our unique and iconic Aussie species.”

The report released on July 19, only amplifies the need for these projects and signals a need for change in the support from Government to work more closely with private organisations to achieve the outcomes that Australian wildlife need and deserve. 



Aussie Ark was established in 2011 in response to the radical decline of the Tasmanian devil. Since then, the organisation has expanded to work with 14 flagship species and works tirelessly to breed our unique wildlife for return to wild spaces. The conservation organisation has bred thousands of endangered species, returned Tasmanian devils to mainland Australia, restored the Eastern Quoll in the Barrington Tops and secured a future for threatened species like the Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby. 

Aussie Ark has proven itself as a conservation organisation to be a solution to the Australian wildlife extinction crisis. The organisation was instrumental during the bushfire disaster of 2019/20, when they rescued and relocated hundreds of turtles from drying rivers, rehabilitated platypus found in mud wallows and supplied tonnes of food to starving wildlife. Aussie Ark’s insurance populations are the future for protection of threatened and endangered wildlife.