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Fences creating a future


Everyday, 1 million small Australian mammals are killed by feral cats, meaning that in the blink of an eye 11 mammals are gone. Nothing we do will ever bring them back.

Have you ever wondered what Australia looked like before Europeans unleashed cats and foxes? Fencing has become a reality for conservation in Australia, being the only accountably effective method of keeping feral predators’ cats and foxes from decimating our native mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles, and having catastrophic effects on the ecosystem.

Aussie Ark has a vision of providing a pre-European environment to the mammals that once inhabited the NSW Barrington region. Can you imagine it? Wildlife in abundance and working together to maintain a healthy landscape! Something that is becoming rarer every day in unprotected areas.

Construction is well underway for Aussie Ark’s 400Ha Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary! The fence is specially designed to keep foxes, cats and pigs out and protects the spectacular habitat that is so unique to the Barrington region. While Aussie Ark species, including the brush tail rock wallaby and Eastern quoll, are due to call the sanctuary home as early as 2019, a large number of local wildlife will also find the sanctuary a safe-haven from predation including the broad-toothed rat, greater glider, and abundant birdlife to name just a few!

With expansion planned for Aussie Ark into larger sanctuaries, following the Barrington Wildlife Sanctuary, an additional 500Ha sanctuary will begin development, with over 2000Ha of land available to secure in the next few years!

It will be so wonderful to create an environment; a home for species to thrive without unnatural predation. While numbers in the wild continue to decline, we can change the trajectory of these species, and ensure their survival long into the future.

We are so excited to see this project becoming a reality and delighted that our supporters can share this journey with us.

You can help secure our wild areas, and protect our unique wildlife, creating a long-term future for generations to come. Your tax-deductible donation can help us provide sanctuaries of wilderness in the following ways:

  • $50 will buy five fence pickets
  • $100 will buy one fence strainer
  • $150 secures one metre of fence
  • $250 will buy 20 meters of netting
  • $500 provides essential monitoring camera equipment to monitor our wildlife without intervention
  • $1,000 will buy three Thomas traps for capturing/monitoring
  • $2,250 protects one hectare of land for our wildlife to call home