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In 2019, Aussie Ark, in conjunction with Rewilding Australia, released 17 of our own Eastern quolls back into the wild at Booderee National Park. An additional 20 quolls from other conservation establishments were also used in the release.

These quolls were part of a secondary release with 20 quolls already released in 2018. The project is a prime example of how organisations can come together and work towards and difficult but shared goal.

Aussie Ark and Rewilding Australia are thrilled with the recent news that all surviving female quolls from 2018 have successfully bred for the second year. Additionally, two females from the 2019 release have confirmed pouch young, and a further four females are showing signs of developed pouches, a key indication of successful breeding. The on the ground research team still have pouches to check so we have hope of even more young for this breeding season.

The project has seen some mortalities to feral foxes and dogs, cars and natural causes. However, these loses come as a stark reminder of the effects that invasive species such as the fox can have on our wildlife. Even at low densities, as they are in Booderee National Park, foxes still have the ability to decimate small mammals.

You can help support Aussie Ark and Eastern quolls by adopting one today! For just $25 a month you can help create a brighter future for Eastern Quolls. Aussie Ark Adoption packs also make wonderful gifts! A cuddly plush toy, Aussie Ark sticker, Newsletter, Information sheet on your chosen species and photo!