Aussie Ark research opportunities



Aussie Ark research presents a range of unique opportunities in one location that have potential application to the broader Australian and international conservation communities. Aussie Ark looks for research partners and prospective opportunities including but not limited to the following research opportunities:


  1. Tasmanian Devil, Feral Fox and Cat trials – establish the effect of the Tasmanian Devil on the suppression of feral predators.
  2. Reintroduction of ecological engineers to a semi-wild area
  3. Terrestrial engineers effect on environments where absent.
  4. Rewilding and its effects on a variety of factors involved in reintroduction
  5. Habitat and diet preferences of carnivorous marsupials
  6. Environmental changes after reintroduction
  7. Reproductive success in semi-wild compared to Captive/insurance population
  8. Retention of genetic diversity in semi-wild v’s captive/ insurance populations
  9. Predation effects of devil and quoll on terrestrial mammals
  10. Mortality of offspring in semi-wild
  11. Fauna surveys with sites prior to 
reintroduction of seven Aussie Ark 
species and comparison after
  12. Benefits of reintroduction to 
transient wildlife