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Planting for the future

50% Forest Loss

15 tonnes Co2 per person

Help us plant 100,000 trees

Australia has the worst extinction rate on earth and is one of the worst developed countries in the world for broadscale deforestation. We have cleared nearly 50% our forests in just 200 years. Broadscale deforestation is just one of the many threats facing our wildlife, and why projects like Aussie Ark’s are critical to the long-term survival of Australia’s unique wildlife.

Aussie Ark, have launched an ambitious campaign to help plant 100,000 trees throughout both Mongo Valley and Barrington Wildlife Sanctuaries.

We’re calling on all Aussies to consider their environmental footprint and ‘purchase’ enough trees to neutralise their carbon footprint. It is estimated that the average Australian has a carbon footprint of about 15 tonnes of CO2 per year, trees remove or ‘sequester’ carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it into organic carbon as they grow – storing it in their trunks, stems, leaves and roots. Approximately half the dry weight of a tree’s biomass is carbon.

For just $5, Aussie’s can purchase a tree to be planted, helping to rebuild the habitats of our endangered wildlife to be released to. For an additional $3.50 per tree, you can provide 12 months of maintenance support for the tree, allowing for the management of weeds and undergrowth.