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Our FIRST born Koala Joey!

Aussie Ark is proud to announce their FIRST Koala Joey born within their sanctuaries. The Joey brings new hope for the species and to Aussie Ark after the 2019 – 2020 fires.

Aussie Ark is so excited to see the first wild born Koala Joey in the sanctuary, living a healthy and protected life. It is a representation of the hard work put in by Aussie Ark, ensuring Koalas are protected from the threats that have affected their wild numbers and populations.

“As I walked through the sanctuary looking at the thriving habitat, I could not believe my eyes. Koalas are so difficult to spot due to their colouration and camouflage against the tall, grey trees. There was however a Koala that was moving down the tree and so easier to see. Not only was the vision incredible but she had a small Joey on her back.” Manager of Life Sciences, Hayley Shute

Aussie Ark provides established habitats with food trees, the exclusion of feral predators such as dogs, cats and foxes and protected areas away from cars and roads to significantly improve Koala numbers and help build a robust, Barrington population of Koalas.

The birth of the Joey reflects the need for protection against threats of habitat destruction, feral predators, fire and consequently increased disease. What this sighting signifies is that when habitat and ecosystems are protected, Koalas can repopulate and live a healthy, long life.

The past fire season killed a suspected one billion animals. Koalas were severely affected by these fires, however, not only are Koalas threatened with habitat destruction and fragmentation, but their survival is also compounded by car-strike, feral predators and disease. To protect and further grow the population of Koalas, Koala Ark was introduced. This project is delivering a safe haven preventing the extinction of Koalas with protection of critical remnant Koala habitat, protection from intense bushfire, weed management, removal of introduced species and long-term monitoring of the sanctuary. During the bushfires, Koalas died horrifically days and weeks later from burns, starvation and dehydration.

The Joey signifies hope for Koalas after the recent bushfires. The burning bush and the wildlife in it were brought into our living rooms and the aftermath will undoubtedly forever be etched into our minds. Support Aussie Ark in its quest to further continue to protect our beloved wildlife well into the future. Click here to donate today.