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New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution

Make a resolution for good – commit to Australian Wildlife in 2024!

With a donation as small as $12.50 per fortnight, you can make a world of difference for our Australian wildlife.

Why $12.50?

It’s a realistic figure –

Most of us spend more than this every few days on things like snacks, subscriptions and other impulse buys!

It’s easy to ”set and forget”

With such a low pledge, you barely have to think about timing your payments.

It’s a low price for a high reward –

At the end of the day, you can rest knowing you have done your part – and that it costs less than 2 donuts a week!

Each year, we make resolutions that fizzle out by the end of January.

With a recurring donation, you only need to sign up once for your commitment to last the rest of 2024!
Our recurring donors are a critical source of support for Aussie Ark.
With them (and you!), we can plan for the future and secure our mission.
Become a part of the Aussie Ark family – and make a resolution you can feel good about.