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  • $30 Feeds 10 wild mothers a day
  • $300 Supports a mum and her bub for a year
  • $3,000 Supports 10 wild mothers and their bubs for a year!


Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the hard work, love, sacrifice and dedication of mothers around the world. At Aussie Ark, we want to extend that celebration to the incredible mothers in the wild who play a vital role in the survival of our endangered Australian wildlife.

Aussie Ark’s “Mother’s in the Wild” campaign focuses some of the endangered species that we work with and their devoted mothers.

Similar to humans, Mothers in the wild are responsible for the care and protection of their offspring, teaching them how to find food, shelter, and water and preparing them for independence. Wild Mums also play a key role in maintaining the genetic diversity and health of their populations, ensuring the long-term viability of their species.

Tasmanian Devils, a species facing extinction due to the spread of devil facial tumour disease, rely on their mothers for survival. Devil joeys stay with their mothers for up to six months, receiving milk, protection, and socialisation. Eastern Quolls, another endangered species, also rely heavily on their mothers for survival, as they are born underdeveloped and require prolonged maternal care.

These Australian Native Mums do the hard yards with Devil Mums having up to 4 Joeys at a time and Quoll Mums having up to 6 babies at a time – that is a handful!

Protecting and conserving the habitats and populations of these species is crucial to ensure the survival and continuation of the roles that mothers play in the wild for their offspring and their species. By honouring and protecting Australian wildlife mothers, we can help to preserve the natural heritage of Australia for future generations.

Join us in sharing pictures and stories of the wonderful motherly figures in your life by using the hashtag #MothersInTheWild or if you are looking for a unique gift, adopt one of our species today! You can also make a donation in honour of your mother or other special women in your life and contribute to the conservation efforts of these species.

Let’s recognise the hard work and dedication of all mothers this Mother’s Day and support our Wild Mums too.


Aussie Ark’s goal is simple, to protect Australian wildlife, the task though is difficult. It is one we need our entire community, our entire country to get on board with. This tax time you can help Aussie Ark create long term futures for Australia’s wildlife. Every donation above $2 is tax deductible!


  • To protect Australia’s threatened species with robust insurance populations
  • To create healthy ecosystems within Aussie Ark Sanctuaries and through rewilding
  • To have long-term tangible outcomes for the species in our care
  • To be a proactive, professional, transparent, and effective organisation

Other ways to make a donation

Phone in your donation by calling us on 02 4326 5333

Direct Transfer your donation through your online banking or at the branch into the following account:

Account Name: Australia’s Wildlife Ark Incorporated Conservation Fund
BSB: 012 621
Account Number: 2776 96768

Download a donation form and email it to  (please save the form before filling it out).

You can mail the donation form or a cheque/money order made payable to Australia’s Wildlife Ark and return to:

Aussie Ark
PO Box 192, Gosford,
NSW 2250

* All gifts of $2 or more are tax deductible within Australia.