The Australian Reptile Park and Aussie Ark have joined forces in the goal of saving The Manning River Turtle. This gorgeous little turtle has seen a significant decline in recent years.


This has happened fast. Really fast. There are a number of factors contributing to this, but the speed of its disappearance from the waterways of the Manning River district has warranted the upgrade of the turtle’s status to now officially Endangered. Emergency intervention is required to house an insurance population to safeguard the future of the species.


For many Australian species, action is taken too late. Often populations are reduced to a level where genetic diversity is irrevocably reduced. Often by this stage the establishment of a robust and genetically diverse insurance population is no longer viable, or highly problematic at best. There is a need to act now, prior to any further decline.



The Plan

The Australian Reptile Park & Aussie Ark aim to achieve the following:

  • Collection of half the eggs from 4 nests with an objective of incubating, and raising the babies to a size that will greatly assist their survival rate.
  • Collection of wild specimens for the establishment of a long-term robust insurance population. An initial collection of between 2 & 4 adult males and 2 & 6 adult females in late 2018 is planned.
  • Australian Reptile Park in partnership with OEH will conduct ongoing population surveys, protection of nesting sites and land management activities within their natural habitat.


We aim to construct a purpose built captive breeding facility, off exhibit at the Somersby Reptile Park site. The facility will be built following the successful models of captive turtle facilities at Symbio Wildlife Park and Taronga Zoo. The project will have strict quarantine.


The Project Partners

Aussie Ark is a registered environmental organisation and charitable institution under the Australian Charity and Not-for-Profit Commission.  Aussie Ark has deductible gift recipient status (DGR status) and is registered for GST purposes.

The Australian Reptile Park and Aussie Ark will both be playing their role in this project and the turtles survival.


How the funds will be used

100% of the funds raised will be spent on the construction of enclosures, ponds, water filters, pumps, and all other aspects creating a world class turtle breeding facility. Once complete the day to day costs of feeding and care of the turtles will be managed and funded by the Australian Reptile Park.

It’s only the funds needed to fast track the construction of the facility we are seeking assistance with.


Capital Development Costs will include

  • Concrete
  • Framework
  • Sinks/hoses
  • Plumbing
  • Tools and equipment

Estimated total cost $77,630


Individual Pond Setup

  • 5000 litre ponds
  • Aquaforce pumps
  • Bioforce filters
  • Nesting boxes / basking areas
  • Pond vacuums
  • Heaters

Estimated total cost for 10 ponds $37,370


Grand Total $110,000