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#GivingTuesdayAus 2022

#GivingTuesdayAus 2022

Help Aussie Ark build homes for wildlife this #GivingTuesday2022 

We’re raising $25,000 to build homes for wildlife this #GivingTuesday! 
🌳 $60 builds 1 nest box for species like the Greater Glider!
🌳 $360 will provide 6 homes for wildlife, nestled high in the trees.
🌳 $600 builds 10 nest boxes for our wildlife to call home
🌳 $6,000 secures 1,000 new homes for wildlife in our protected sanctuaries

On November 29, 2022, people all around the world are coming together to tap into the power of human connection and strengthen communities and change our world. Will you be one of them?

Aussie Ark will be participating in GivingTuesday and we need your help!

We need to raise $25,000 to help build homes for our wildlife!

Given the high dependence on forest and large hollow-bearing trees, habitat loss and fragmentation through clearing and bushfires pose a massive threat to tree dwelling species like Grater Gliders and Squirrel Gliders!

200 years ago, logging across Australia of the old growth occurred to make way for infrastructure which has resulted in no old growth today. These nest boxes provide an intermediate step for necessary shelter whilst the landscape recovers and natural hollows become accessible.

Aussie Ark’s wildlife sanctuaries are home to an incredible array of species, and we need your help to provide enough homes for them all.

You can help Aussie Ark this #GivingTuesday. Help us raise $25,000! Donate to Aussie Ark today!