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Save the Eastern Quoll

Save the Eastern Quoll

Saving the Eastern Quoll Campaign: Rewilding for a Better Future

Join hands with Aussie Ark, in partnership with WWF Australia, as we lead the charge in rewilding efforts. Our mission is clear: to raise $150,000 to support the rewilding activities that will breathe new life into this beautiful species, returning them to the Australian mainland within the predator-proof haven of Booderee National Park. By joining this cause, you’re not just restoring a species, but you’re becoming a guardian of Australia’s precious biodiversity.

Campaign Objectives:

  • Raise Funds: We aim to secure $150,000, crucial for funding the rewilding operations and contributing to Aussie Ark’s vital conservation work.
  • Release to the Wild: Your contributions will support the release of 30 Eastern Quolls into the protected wilderness of Booderee National Park.
  • Raise Awareness: Together, let’s shine a spotlight on rewilding’s significance and the challenges faced by Eastern Quolls.
  • Monthly Giving: We invite you to make a monthly donation of $50 or more. Donors exceeding this threshold will be gifted an exclusive artwork print lovingly hand-drawn by Aussie Ark’s Kelly Davis.


Eastern Quoll Awareness Month: Aussie Ark is dedicating September to amplifying the plight of Eastern Quolls. Learn about their history of extinction on the mainland and the vital role they play as mid-level predators through enlightening educational content.

Campaign Impact: As this campaign draws to a close, your generous contributions will yield profound results. Witness 30 Eastern Quolls reclaim their place in the protected embrace of Booderee National Park. With each donation, you catalyse the recovery of this species on the Australian mainland and actively contribute to Aussie Ark’s tireless work in safeguarding Australia’s distinctive wildlife and ecosystems.

How You Can Make a Difference:

  • Donate: Give a one-time or recurring donation towards Eastern Quolls
  • Share: Amplify the campaign’s reach by sharing updates, posts, and videos on social media.
  • Educate: Become an advocate for rewilding by educating others about its significance and the importance of preserving our natural heritage.

With every step taken towards rewilding the Eastern Quolls, you help paint a brighter future for Australia’s unique ecosystem. Together, let’s stand for conservation and preservation, rekindling the vitality of the Eastern Quoll.