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Conservation begins with education!

Aussie Ark is partnering with Jabiru Wildlife to promote conservation through wildlife education!

Jabiru Wildlife has recently launched its new presentation, Aussie’s with Bite!, designed to engage and educate about the world’s largest reptile, the Saltwater Crocodile, and some of Australia’s most toxic snakes and spiders. In the course of the Aussie’s with Bite! presentation, participants will get see all these species and more. You will learn about Saltwater crocodiles’ approach to movement, how they catch their prey and how they are capable of seeing in infra-red. You will also learn about why Australia’s native snakes and spiders are so venomous, how they bite, how their venom works, and most importantly what to do if you are bitten.

During the Springtime Special featuring Aussie Ark, participants to the wildlife presentation will get the opportunity to learn about the vital role of ex-situ breeding programs, habitat protection and rewilding, in addition to meeting some of Aussie Ark’s adorable joeys!

The Springtime Special is an 80-minute educational presentation for up to 80 attendees that includes:

  • Encounter with 10 + species including Aussie Ark joeys, Australia’s most venomous snakes, largest pythons, most toxic spiders, and ‘Spike’ the Crocodile
  • Fully insured and a perfect track record for safe presentations
  • HUGE display pit to showcase the animals in the best and safest possible manner

The prices are as follows:

  • 1 show $1,210 (approx $15 per head)
  • 2 shows $2,200 (approx $13.75 per head)
  • 3 shows $2,920 (approx $12.35 per head)

All prices include GST

Aussie Ark believes in partnering with businesses and organisations to further its mission to protect threatened native Australian species. Aussie Ark also believes that education is key to a better understanding of the unfortunate Australian extinction crisis and to learn about diverse initiatives reversing the extinction tendency. In partnering with Jabiru Wildlife, Aussie Ark aims to broaden its conservation reach in hope to encourage people all around Australia to care more about the wildlife that we have now and the one that we may lose in the near future.

Get in touch with us at or 02 4326 5333 for more information and/or to book your wildlife presentation today!