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Tiny Baby Eastern Quoll Joeys Need Names!

Aussie Ark have been very busy with our newest bundles of joy – twin 5 month old Eastern Quolls. The tiny joeys are already showing cheeky personalities, and love keeping surrogate mum Kelly Davis on her toes.

The young joeys are yet to be named, and keepers at Aussie Ark are calling on you to help give them their new monikers. Every person who adopts an Eastern quoll from Aussie Ark in the next month will be in the running to not only name the devil joeys but to also meet the newest arrivals!

These young joeys were born at Aussie Ark as part of the organisation’s insurance population for the endangered Eastern quoll. The program was established in 2017 and has since seen the birth of over 250 Eastern quolls!

Hand-raising Eastern quolls is no easy task. They require round the clock care, warm snuggles and bottle feeds around four to five times a day, including a feed at 4:00am. The duo will be hand-raised by Kelly Davis, Aussie Ark Curator for the next eight months until they are independent enough to re-join their family at Aussie Ark. For now, they’ve taken on the role as ambassador for their species!

“Eastern quolls are one of the most iconic native species Australia has, they’re feisty, rambunctious and play a critical role in Australian ecosystems” – Kelly Davis, Aussie Ark Curator

Eastern quolls were wiped from the mainland of Australia over 60 years ago. Aussie Ark is working hard to bring them back to the Barrington Tops by creating safe wild spaces for them to thrive.

In eight months’ time, they will make their return to Aussie Ark and eventually be released into a wild protected sanctuary – the largest of its kind for Eastern Quolls. 

Aussie Ark relies solely on the community to continue its work and ensure a future for threatened native species. Symbolic Eastern Quoll adoptions are available from Aussie Ark’s website. Every adoption helps secure a future for this iconic Aussie species!