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Vote for what you want next

Aussie Ark are now asking you to help decide what’s next. Should they build a facility for threatened Hunter River turtles, plant 1,000 trees for Australia’s largest wild, disease free Koala population or develop an insurance population for the declining broad tooth rat? What about a safe haven for spotted tail quolls or the translocation of animals in to the wild?

Each project has real tangible outcomes for Australia’s threatened wildlife and the habitat. Aussie Ark are asking you to vote, you don’t have to leave your couch to help with wildlife conservation. This is your chance to contribute to conservation. It costs nothing, the future is in your hands!


Project 1

Saving the baby faced assassin

The Spotted-tail Quoll the largest of the four Quoll species is considered vulnerable in NSW. Since European settlement, the Spotted-tailed Quoll has declined in both distribution and abundance. The species is suffering significant decline due to habitat fragmentation, but mainly fox, cat and domestic dog predation.

Not only are quolls at risk of predation by foxes and cats in the wild, but these introduced species also compete for the same available food sources reducing the number of Quolls an ecosystem can sustainably support. As you can see the Spotted-tailed Quoll is up against its fair share of difficulties but it’s not too late for this species. Aussie Ark can begin to change the trajectory of decline by investing now in this species’ future.


Tasmanian Devil

Project 2

Help Us Rewild the Barrington Tops

Australia is home to more species than any other developed country with most of the nation’s wildlife found nowhere else in the world. However, Australia also has the WORST mammal extinction rate on Earth – at least 29 of Australia’s 273 mammal species have gone extinct since European colonisation.

Aussie Ark has established insurance populations for Southern Brown Bandicoot, Parma Wallaby, Rufous Bettong, Long-nosed Potoroo, and Eastern Quoll alongside the already existing Tasmanian Devil population.


Broad Tooth Rat

Save the Broad Toothed Rat

Little is known about the Broad toothed rat, other than the certainty surrounding its demise. Its extinction is largely being monitored with little action being taken to prevent its disappearance. It is time to take action. Aussie Ark is building a captive breeding nucleus for the species, constructing intensive breeding facilities; modification of sites for release to sanctuary, wild population supplement and research.

We have succeeded in the area of species management; it is now time to deliver and return animals to where they once called home.



Koala trees

Planting 1000 Koala trees

Aussie Ark is committed to planting 1,000 trees to act as a pilot trial in aiding Aussie Ark in eventually securing a self-sustaining population of Koalas. Alongside this pilot trial, Aussie Ark is also committed to managing the population to best allow health and grown including treating and eradicating disease such as the retrovirus that plagues Koala populations.

We are partnered with Sydney University who will supply valuable insight into mapping and surveying the existing Koala population genetics, as well as population disease management.


Hunter River Turtle

Project 5

Saving the Hunter River Turtle

Australian freshwater turtles are in danger of disappearing. The East coast of Australia has been ravaged by fire. More than 5 million hectares of land has been decimated, which has had catastrophic effects for freshwater turtle habitat. Aussie Ark can change the trajectory of this species.

The Aussie Ark breeding facility will be environmentally, and climatically perfect due to its proximity to the wild distribution of the species.